They Are On Fire

By Jerry Docair Malkes My sister and I just came from a surprising good car show. On Saturday, August 24th, the Oceanside Fire Department, Terrace Hose 3, had their first annual car show. This event was to raise money for their district heroes.

April 2013 Queen’s Farmhouse – GNYR Car Show

by Docair Jerry Malkes On April 28th, the Queens County Farmhouse had in addition to it’s sheep, chickens and cows the grounds had Cougars, Impalas and Thunder Birds. Of course, they were of the vintage car varieties. This was the 35th Annual Meet of the AACA- Greater New York Region. The meet could not have […]

Garden City Easter Parade 2013 Pavement Happenings

by Docair Jerry Malkes I always look forward to The Garden City Chamber of Commerce Vintage Car Parade for a number of reasons. First, it proves to me “old man winter” has finally ended and a new car season has arrived. Secondly, Spring is awakening it’s beauty once again. Third, it provides me and others […]

Memorial Awards at Westbury – 2012

By Mike Sussman The Greater New York Region, AACA recognizes it’s outstanding members by honoring their memory with awards. Most of this biography was done by Bob Valentine who interviewed Artie Finnegan, Jim Graney, and Gene McCoy. All of these people brought something to this club, each different, but all the same: their hard work […]

Old Westbury Gardens—Judging Update

On Saturday May 12th, 40 judges attended the Greater New York Region judging seminar at Old Westbury Gardens. Luck had it that the weather was a great sunny & 75 degree day. We had about 10 antique autos to view and Charlie Covetz drove his 1976 Mini from Wildwood, N.J. to Old Westbury, NY, which […]

The 46th Annual Spring Meet at Beautiful Old Westbury Gardens

By “Docair” Jerry Malkes The Greater New York Region of the AACA out did itself when the club selected to spotlight Shelby cars celebrating its’ 50 years. The AACA/GNYR upholds very intricate judging based on the AACA application.The cars are judged as “if they just came out of the box.”. What a collection of Shelby’s […]

Queens County Farm Museum Meet

by Jerry “Docair” Malkes Queens was noted for it’s great farmland, but as transportation of farm goods increased, farms decreased. The Queens’ County farmhouse is the last remaining working farm house in the area. It has barns, livestock, and grows vegetables and plants in Floral Park. On Sunday, April 29th it hosted the 34th Annual […]