April 2013 Queen’s Farmhouse – GNYR Car Show

by Docair Jerry Malkes

On April 28th, the Queens County Farmhouse had in addition to it’s sheep, chickens and cows the grounds had Cougars, Impalas and Thunder Birds. Of course, they were of the vintage car varieties. This was the 35th Annual Meet of the AACA- Greater New York Region. The meet could not have any finer weather and attendance. A glorious blue sky with perfect temperatures. I could not count the number of vehicles that attended nor the amount of people enjoying themselves to the cars, vendors, petting zoo, hayrides, plants, flowers and farm house tours.

The many hot rods, vintage cars, special interest, stock, muscle cars, trucks and modified vehicles were expertly parked with my favorite the Model A’s in front. A couple were enjoying enjoying a picnic lunch in front of their La Salle, a Model T Daily News truck brought back memories and many cars with rumble seats just enthralled me. Many people were in antique car heaven with yours truly in that frame of mind.

The show brought back memories to me of the late Tony Mattace sitting at the food station with his cane. I also felt sorrow that Violet Licari, who has been so instrumental in most of our past shows here and at Old Westbury, was unable to attend because of heart problems. I wish her a speedy recovery and miss her. So many members were so glad to see Gene McCoy there after his recent cardiac incident. Jim Dulligan’s recovery were also in many of the member’s minds…

Paul Parnes, Genie Feminella, Mike Sussman, Hazel Malkes, the Verity’s and the countless others deserve a special thanks for making this show a tremendous success. I could not begin to recount the members who helped out on this event. God bless you all. This Floral Park show even made the Sunday Newsday the next day with a picture.

Good health to all.

The 2013 Queens County Farm Meet Photo Gallery

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