old car under snow

What the Club is Doing This Year

by Althea Travis You may have recalled a recent article in our newsletter mentioning all of the activities that are possibilities for this coming year. Then the snows of January and February came and our meetings were cancelled. We didn’t get to discuss the many options that we have. Two events have been scheduled already […]

Louis Krieger's 1903 Electrolette

The Same Last Name

By Art Krieger Far be it for me to crow about my illustrious ancestors. There’s enough to keep us amused for hours on those we know, without digging up (pardon the pun) those we may not be related to..But, when someone with the same last name has made a name for himself in the early […]

Long Island Facts

Mastic was the home of William Floyd, one of the signers of teh Declaration of Independence. Long Island’s first two settlements were Southold and Southampton, in 1640. Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk is the site of the oldest cattle ranch in America, built in 1658, and birthplace of the American cowboy. The Lighthouse at Montauk […]