56th Annual Spring Meet at Old Westbury Gardens Trophy Winners

AACA:   1st – Bonati, Richard, 1941 Packard 160      2nd – Hahn, John, 1969 Chevy      3rd – Carulli, Vincent, 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire    ANTIQUE – 1900 to 1940:   1st – Coleman, Thomas, 1929 Buick 27 Standard      2nd – Scuderi, Brian, 1931 Oldsmobile F-31      3rd – Williams, Leonard, 1936 Plymouth    Class D […]

GNYR’s 2022 Memorial Awards

The winners of the GNYR’s Memorial Awards for the 2022 Spring Meet at Old Westbury Gardens are:   Carl Capasso Best of Show Post War – 1970 Dodge Charger R/T – Alexandra Mercaldo     Joe Percoco Best of Show Pre War – 1910 Royal Tourist – Evan Price    Wanda Lyttle Longest Distance – 1937 Buick […]

Las Vegas Concours By Meredith Jaffe The Las Vegas Concours d’Elegance featuring the Helene Awards was held October 21-24, 2021. Over 100 exquisite automobiles graced the field of the Aviators’ newly constructed baseball stadium. With the ballpark boasting the largest video board in the minor league, interviews with exhibitors and the finer details of the […]

2020 AACA Grand Nationals

by Meredith Jaffe Originally scheduled for July 23-25, 2020, the Grand Nationals were pushed back to August 21-22 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To make logistics even more convoluted, the site was changed from the NB Center for American Automotive Heritage in Allentown to historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, just one month prior to the event. Despite […]

53rd Annual Spring Meet at Old Westbury Gardens Trophy Winners

CLASSIC: 1st – Meslo, Jim, 1932 Pierce Arrow 2nd – Palter, David, 1933 Auburn Speedster 3rd – D’Maritio, Dom, 1937 Cadillac AACA: 1st – Bonati, Rich, 1935 Cadillac 2nd – Husberger, Joe, 1946 Lincoln 3rd – Ballato, ?, 1969 Buick GS ANTIQUE: 1st – Sivillo, Frank, 1937 Buick 2nd – Rickenbaugh, Robert, 1928 Reo Wolverine […]

2017 Spring Meet Memorial Awards

The winners of the GNYR’s Memorial Awards for the 2017 Spring Meet at Old Westbury Garden are: Best of Show Post War – Joe Hunsberger – 1946 Lincoln Best of Show Pre War – Richard Benati – 1941 Packard Wanda Lyttle Longest Distance – Richard Kulzer – 1948 Plymouth Joe Kissick Oldest Car – Sam […]

The 51st Annual Old Westbury Gardens Spring Meet Class Awards

Antiques: 1st – Greco, Sam – 1903 Oldsmobile 2nd – Eduabsky, Ad – 1925 T Depot 3rd – Gunst, Wayne – 1928 Studebaker Classic: 1st – Bonati, Richard – 1941 Packard 180 Limo 2nd – Noens, Jean-Paul – 1933 La Salle Convertible Cpe 3rd – Ciardullo, Frank – 1930 Cadillac V-16 Town Sedan Spotlight: 1st […]

The 1909 Alco Once Again on the LI Motor Parkway

On a beautiful Spring day – April 24th, 2016 – the GNYR held it’s first antique car show and flea market at a section of the Historic Long Island Motor Parkway, also known as the Vanderbilt Parkway, in Williston Park, NY. The event attracted a wide variety of cars and trucks, including the 1909 Alco […]

The 1909 ALCO Black Beast

The Feature Car Of The GNYR Motor Parkway Memories Meet by Keith Gramlich Those people who name their cars, usually do so affectionately. My parents have always done so with their cars, from “Miss Annabelle Lee” to “Daisy” to “Little Lady”. Even my Dad’s Lincoln Town Car is named “Abe”. We even hear the insurance […]