September 2013 Pavement Happenings

By Jerry Docair Malkes

As the previous edition was put to bed, I only attended one car event. That was at City Hall in Long Beach and it was a very enjoyable time. I just wanted to sound off in this column.

I realize that these are different times since I joined the GNYR….upward gas prices,
inflation, souring taxes, hiking of car event costs and the bad driving habits of people today.

My sister, Hazel and I love these car shows. They bring back memories of gentler, kinder times. There are a limited number of times during the months that these shows can be scheduled. I realize that at the President’s Council meeting this is done to minimize this over bundance of conflicting shows. Why not more on Saturday or Friday nights? Shopping and businesses are now open on Sunday. Why not look for alternate times? Also the costs have risen and because of limited owner funds and geography this can cause less attendance.

I am proud of my GNYR car club. The Board of Directors does a stand up job. Mike Sussman
and Paul Parnes exert a powerful driving force in our club. Artie Finnegan, Gene McCoy and our Pat Colligan deserve a great round of applause. The newsletter by Keith Gramlich, and websites by Bill Funk and Chris Campisi are superb. Keith always sends a reminder for articles to keep the members abreast of happenings. Scheduling events by
Althea Travis, Harry Verity and Carmine Aliffi adds great cadence to our club. Newsletter articles by John Lindhardt, Gene McCoy and Stu Light are very enlightening. I
especially look forward to Stu Light’s articles on his Italian Cars and updates on pending car legislative bills and commentaries. Howard Kroplick always give informative lectures.

I am so glad to be a member of this club.

Good health to all.

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