Garden City Easter Parade 2013 Pavement Happenings

by Docair Jerry Malkes

I always look forward to The Garden City Chamber of Commerce Vintage Car Parade for a number of reasons. First, it proves to me “old man winter” has finally ended and a new car season has arrived. Secondly, Spring is awakening it’s beauty once again. Third, it provides me and others the opportunity to dust off our glorious hobby cars and enjoy them with the public. Fourth and especially my greatest reason, to see my car friends again. This winter has been especially harsh to many people because of Hurricane Sandy. Many of us have lost our homes, prized possessions and especially some of us, our glorious cars. I have such heartfelt sorry and wish everyone good tidings from now on.

This was the 58th Annual Parade. I counted the days till this day rolled around and was thrilled when it did. This parade has every conceivable mode of vehicle transportation known. I was especially surprised to see a vehicle from the Brass Era. Even one of Mr. Greco’s vast collection consisted of an early Electric car. I could not count the number of autos that were there. Everyone was more beautiful from the next. For a whole week, rain was predicted to drown out the parade. Mother Nature made sure that it was a comfortable morning and afternoon for the event to go on without weather problems.

So many great car shows are happening this year. I just can’t wait to see my friends again and especially at the GNYR’s Queens Farmhouse and the Old Westbury show.

Good health to all.

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