The 46th Annual Spring Meet at Beautiful Old Westbury Gardens

By “Docair” Jerry Malkes

The Greater New York Region of the AACA out did itself when the club selected to spotlight Shelby cars celebrating its’ 50 years. The AACA/GNYR upholds very intricate judging based on the AACA application.The cars are judged as “if they just came out of the box.”. What a collection of Shelby’s all devoted to the brilliant automotive architect, Carroll Hall Shelby who passed away this May 10th at the age of 89. as most automotive enthusiasts know that Shelby was the driving force for A/C Motors-based Shelby American Cobra and later the Mustang-based performance cars for Ford Motor Company. These cars are known as the Mustang Cobras since 1965.

There were approximately 518 antique cars at this massive gala. My particular celebrity car was the Alco-6 Black Beast owned by Howard Kroplick. This racing machine was in the 1909 and 1910 Vanderbilt Cup race winning 1st place. This vehicle was also featured in the 1910 Cobe Trophy Race, the 1910 American Prize Race, the 1911 Inaugural Indy 500 Race as well as the 1911 Elgin Trophy Race winning substantial trophies and recognition. Just standing next to it I felt a piece of American racing history.

There were so many different vehicles ranging from foreign, military, Model T and A’s, fire trucks and domestic antiques. I couldn’t imagine judging these exquisite models of autodeum. Trophies were awarded for the 20 plus classes, 1st, 2nd and 3rd per class plus memorial awards were presented.

The AACA has a slogan of “bring a kid to a car show.” Seeing the large numbers of youngsters and so many individuals showed me my favorite hobby is very much alive.

Visit the 46th Annual Spring Meet Photo Gallery.

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