Memorial Awards at Westbury – 2012

By Mike Sussman

The Greater New York Region, AACA recognizes it’s outstanding members by honoring their memory with awards. Most of this biography was done by Bob Valentine who interviewed Artie Finnegan, Jim Graney, and Gene McCoy. All of these people brought something to this club, each different, but all the same: their hard work and inspiration made this a better club.

Joe Percoco Award – Best in Show/Pre War – Bill Aprile, 1931 Caddy V16
Joe Percoco did much and donated much to this club. A perfectionist when it came to a restoration. Always willing to give time to others. His cars included a Bantam, Cadillac Dual Cowl Phaeton, but he loved his Auburn boat tail speedster. That car is quite a sight, done in Black and Orange (The Pumpkin)

Carl Capasso Award – Best in Show/Post War – Charlie Covitz, 1956 Corvette
Carl Capasso, owner of a construction equipment repair company. First rate car guy. His family still supports the GNYR.

Joe Kissick Award – Oldest Car – Howard Kroplick, 1909 Alco
Joe Kissick worked hard with his wife Jacquie. Did all aspects of club activities. Did an award winning restoration of a 1924 Willys Knight. Joe also owned 1902 Orient Buckboard and a 1910 Hupmobile.

Mike Murray Award – Best Original Classic – Steve Gittelman, 1926 Stutz Speedster
Mike Murray, what a character, complete with derby and cigar. Untiring worker, he gave effort and his own money to help print our Newsletter. Worked for the NY Daily News and used his connections to help club publicity. Known for his original 1929 Cadillac Touring.

Walter Beatty Award – Fire Engine – Herb Barber, 1924 Ahrens-Fox
Walter Beatty – A founding member of the GNYR. Untiring worker at all aspects of club activities. Very instrumental in getting “HX” license plates in NY. Ex-captain FDNY, started the Fire Museum of NY. Cars – 1910 Model T speedster.

Hank Parent Award – Station Wagon – Michael Kristakis, 1924 Model T Depot Hack
Hank Parent – Past GNYR President 1980. Looked upon for his quite friendly leadership when the existence of the GNYR was in question due to financial problems and lack of involvement. Contributor to the newsletter including car-toons. Along with wife Sofie they worked unselfishly at all our meets. He owned a 1924 Buick Touring and a 1925 Ford T Depot Hack.

Larry Horl – Post War Cadillac – Tony Arcese, 1954 Caddy Conv.
Larry Horl – Hard working GNYR member. GNYR Vice President. Brought the Old Westbury meet into the modern age. Did many award winning restorations, he especially liked his 1955 Caddy Coupe Deville.

Joe Macaluso – Original Packard – Paul Memi, 1937 Packard
Joe Macaluso – Founding Member, First Director (President), Honored Member, Founding
member Antique Truck Club, and Packard Club (L.I. Region). A wealth of information on all types of cars and trucks. Loved Packards. Along with his wife Pat, helped keep the GNYR a family club. When selling any vehicle, he originated the first 5/50 warranty. 5 minutes or 50 feet which ever came first. Could host a party like no one else. Owned a sizable collection of vehicles.

Harold Pagett – Orphan Car – Dan Olsen, 1951 Studebaker
Harold Pagett – A 35 year member, who loved this club so much, he remembered us in his
will. He also loved his Studebaker.

Joel Helfenbein – Best Model T – Al Terrell, 1914 Touring
Joel Helfenbein – A large gentle man with a strong moral fiber. His mechanical abilities was only surpassed by his diplomatic skills. Always helped, never said no, and always smiled. Joel and his son Josh did an award winning restoration of a Model T.

Ray Rickenbaugh – Best Original Car/Pre War – Scott Gramlich, 1925 Ford Model T
Ray Rickenbaugh – Founding member, honored member. Ray and Joe Macaluso came up with idea of starting a New York Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America. Ray was active in starting the Antique Truck Club, he worked with handicapped children and the Boy Scouts. Owned many cars and trucks of the pre war era.

Ross Klein – Best Original Car/Post War – William Fuscaldo, 1956 Lincoln
Ross Klein, a walking encyclopedia of auto knowledge. GNYR President and board member. AACA judge. Owned many cars, always perfect originals.

John Enright – Best Plymouth – Milan & Pat Shauk
John Enright – Good man to have, always there, one of the Guys. John and Rosemary were
always there for us. John passed on way to soon. Always loved and owned nice Plymouths.

Fred Schlagenhaft – Best Antique Car – Sam Greco, 1910 White
Fred Schlagenhaft, long time member, repaired radios, and electronics. Could hear a misfiring engine a mile away. Being blind never stopped him or held him back. Loved antique cars.

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