They Took Their Oldies To Brunch

As this was the last Brunch for the season on April 18th at the Silver Moon Diner on Hillside Avenue, Queens Village, the owner, Chris, suggested that those of us who bring their vintage cars for display will get a 10% discount. So as the day dawned bright and clear, I cranked up the ’28 […]

What Does A Thermostat Do?

by Bill Carberry, Cap-A-Radiator The primary function of a thermostat is to maintain a minimum operating temperature in your car’s engine. When you start your engine cold, the anti-freeze/coolant mixture is kept within the engine by the thermostat. The coolant does circulate within the engine through the bypass hose or passage to prevent hot spots. […]

Auction Glossary

by John Linhardt The fastest way to buy or sell a collector car is by auction. One source is “internet” going to the highest bidder, but large auction companies are major car auctions. Terms are:

Great Cars On Long Island

Without a doubt, the most famous collection on Long Island was that of Henry Austin Clark, Jr., who owned “fabulous” collector cars on display at his museum in Southampton, LI. By far the #1 group of old cars for our area.

The True Story About Number 1

Written by Stuart Light After reading the online issue of the January 2012 “Newsletter” I emailed Keith to tell him that I enjoyed the interesting article about the license plates. Keith mentioned that the GNYR newsletter readers might also find the story of Number 1 interesting. Why not? It goes back 25 years. Does that […]