Sagamor Hill

2013 Sagamore HillBy Artie Finnegan

Sunday September 8, 2013 the pre-war antique automobiles ascended the hill to Sagamore Hill National Park. There were approximately 60 vehicles present all pre 1948. Many Classics were there as the Long Island Sound Region of the CCCA sponsored this. Notably missing were the early Brass era automobiles, which seem to be in attendance at fewer shows on Long Island.

To take a nice drive early on a Sunday morning in September is quite relaxing as all the speed demons are still recovering from Saturday night. Northern Boulevard (25A) through the area east of Glen Cove Road is a real pleasure at this time of day. My 31 Model A has been backfiring for the last year and after a lot of tweaking I finally got it running as I want it to. It seems that backlash in the distributor shaft was causing the backfire. So doodling along at 35 mph with no other cars to bother me, made for an enjoyable ride. Coming up on Route 106 I spotted Ed Serafin and Harry Verity, I thought they would make the right turn on 25A. I watched in my mirror and then there were no old cars behind me. To my surprise as I was turning onto Cove Road, Ed and Harry were turning just behind me. They have a different but same route apparently. At any rate we all climbed the hill. And for me to be at a show before Harry Verity is unheard of. We all climbed the hill, but I had to downshift to 2nd. going up the hill, where sometimes I can make it in 3rd. Arriving at 9:45 the field was half full, and Bob and Ruth Valentine were there with their 24 Hupmobile. Bob was happy he made the hill in high gear and I was rather humble that I had to down shift.

I must say there were at least 30 Model A Fords in attendance and it was quite a site. This show is where you get to sit with fellow car owners and talk cars and other stuff. (No government talk here.) There were Turkey feathers thought the apple orchard. I did not see them but there is a BIG TOM turkey running around and ruling the roost. The turkeys have been there for about the last five years and are reproducing very well. (I think Teddy would have plucked a few if he were alive now ! ).

Alan Blay had his ‘24 Franklin up the hill, and Bob & Ruth Valentine had their ‘24 Hupmobile up the hill. This was a first for these new OLD car owners, and driving them at that. Also in attendance: — Ron & Matilda Demieri ‘30 Caddy, Bill & Flo Funk, Sal Canzoneri ‘29 Marquette, Dick Creeron ‘30 Ford, John Cunnane ‘24 Ford, Dennis & Rita Finnegan ‘30 Ford, Artie Finnegan 31 Ford, Jack & Marguerite Fisher modern, Sal Grenci, modern, Bob Gunther ‘30 Ford, Mario Iasparo ‘29 Packard, Nick Nuzzi, ‘30 Dodge & 36 Ford, John & Barbara Serafin ‘35 Caddy, Harry & Caroline Verity, ‘30 Ford, Niel Verways ‘33 Dodge, Manny Kurz ‘30 Ford, and Ellyn Okvisit ‘29 Ford. I am sure I missed a few GNYR members, but this shows that our club do drive their cars up the Hill. Summing up a beautiful late summer afternoon at a spectacular venue for antique autos, I thank the LIS-CCCA for an enjoyable event, and the very nice wood plaque with your car photo mounted on it.

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