1947 Harley motorcycle, California or Bust

Moving Right Along

By Art “Doc”Krieger I met my cousin Fred when my parents took me upstate to work on my Aunt and Uncle’s resort/farm during my high school summers. Fred, a couple of years older than I, had a half a barn full of motorcycles and parts, including a servi-cycle and side car After a busy day […]


1924 Hupmobile Model “R” Touring

By Bob and Ruth Valentine When I entered the antique car hobby in the mid 1970’s with a 1932 Chevrolet, I had never heard of Hupmobile. Because I was the only one in my immediate neighborhood, College Point, and was seen driving around in a 45 year old car, people cleaned out their garages of […]

1914 Ford Model T Fire Truck

Every Antique Has A Story

By Docair Jerry Malkes I spied this 1914 Ford Fire Truck at Lynbrook’s 2013 Expo. This completely restored Model T Fire Truck has a very interesting story. GNYR member Harry Verity is involved in this project after being contacted by Bill Sielski about 6 months ago. This truck is owned by the Hempstead Fire Department […]

Lynbrook “Expo” At Greis Park, 2013

Story by Keith Gramlich, Photos by Stuart Light Saturday, September 28th was the day for all Lynbrook-ites to swarm in to Greis Park for that town’s annual “Expo”. This event draws many exhibitors, including Policy and Fire personnel to explain the various aspects of their jobs, a live helicopter landing, and the now becoming famous […]

Classic Meets Modern Car Show

By Jerry “Docair” Malkes Just came home with my sister, Hazel, and the Bat Theme from that 60’s TV show, Batman, still ringing in my ears. September 22 was the 1st Annual Classic Meets Modern Car Show at the Autoseum Automotive Teaching Museum in Mineola, NY. This was a salute to our veterans benefiting the […]

Moving Right Along

By Art “Doc” Kreiger Art opens the garage door and starts talking to the 1947 Hudson Super Six coupe that has been his for some-odd 30 years. (Yes, he talks to old cars, doesn’t everyone? You know you do, and we know they hear us.) Hey Henry, Old Buddy, how you been? C’mon, don’t shy […]

Sagamor Hill

By Artie Finnegan Sunday September 8, 2013 the pre-war antique automobiles ascended the hill to Sagamore Hill National Park. There were approximately 60 vehicles present all pre 1948. Many Classics were there as the Long Island Sound Region of the CCCA sponsored this. Notably missing were the early Brass era automobiles, which seem to be […]

October 2013 Pavement Happenings

By Jerry Docair Malkes As we wind down the car season, there are two major events I look forward to. Both concern our veterans and both are in St. Alban’s, Queens. On September 11th, the Patriot’s Day Parade and Car Show was at St. Alban’s Hospital. This is done to “support our veterans and honor […]

Forseeing The Future — An Electric Car Show

Photo and text – Marty Goffe An all electric car show was held on Saturday morning, September 28th in West Palm Beach at Centennial Square, the site of many outdoor shows and concerts. The show was hosted by Florida Power and Light and featured a number of electric vehicle manufacturers; seventeen were displayed. Visitors were […]

September 2013 Pavement Happenings

By Jerry Docair Malkes As the previous edition was put to bed, I only attended one car event. That was at City Hall in Long Beach and it was a very enjoyable time. I just wanted to sound off in this column. I realize that these are different times since I joined the GNYR….upward gas […]