1914 Ford Model T Fire Truck

Every Antique Has A Story

By Docair Jerry Malkes

I spied this 1914 Ford Fire Truck at Lynbrook’s 2013 Expo. This completely restored Model T Fire Truck has a very interesting story. GNYR member Harry Verity is involved in this project after being contacted by
Bill Sielski about 6 months ago. This truck is owned by the Hempstead Fire Department and is registered and insured as a fire Truck. The truck was purchased by Hempstead Fire Department in 1914 but they found out it was too small when it was called to put out a building fire in Hempstead It uses a soda acid extinguisher and delivers 500 gallons a minute. That compared to 2,000 gallons a minute on today’s fire trucks. It then became a chief’s car. Harry Verity was made an honorary member of the Hempstead Fire Department.

This truck was restored in 1994. Mr. Sielski joined the Hempstead Fire Department in 1977. Mr. Verity was called in when work was needed to be done to it’s magneto. Both have been working on this fire truck ever since. Like I always said, antique vehicles are more than a mode of transportation, they are an art form and this vehicle certainly is.

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