Lynbrook “Expo” At Greis Park, 2013

Story by Keith Gramlich, Photos by Stuart Light

Lynbrook Expo at Greis ParkSaturday, September 28th was the day for all Lynbrook-ites to swarm in to Greis Park for that town’s annual “Expo”. This event draws many exhibitors, including Policy and Fire personnel to explain the various aspects of their jobs, a live helicopter landing, and the now becoming famous antique auto show, arranged by our very own Harry Verity.

This year’s event drew some 50 automobiles for display, in light of some fierce car show competition, namely the highly touted Nassau County “Cruise to the Show”, as well as about 4 other events Island-wide. GNYR member Stu Light reports that there were some VERY interesting cars at this relaxing, and nice meet with nice car owners in attendance.

My folks, Paul and Janet Gramlich attended with my son, Andrew and they drove “Ada’s” 1967 Ambassador Convertible, appropriately named “Foxy Lady” (My family has always named their vehicles. I think I smell a winter article about that!). They reported back that it was a great time and Andrew was very active
checking out the cars and all the other exhibits that were there.

If you haven’t been to this meet, you MUST check it out. Harry puts on a great show and takes care of his car exhibitors with warm hospitality and great bagels!

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