Las Vegas Concours By Meredith Jaffe The Las Vegas Concours d’Elegance featuring the Helene Awards was held October 21-24, 2021. Over 100 exquisite automobiles graced the field of the Aviators’ newly constructed baseball stadium. With the ballpark boasting the largest video board in the minor league, interviews with exhibitors and the finer details of the […]

Highlighting National Museums Collection

By C. A. Smith In October, Meredith and I had the opportunity to visit The National Museum – which includes vehicles from the early Harrah collection. While Meredith was drawn like Althea to honey to the Rust Heinz’s Phantom Corsair and Tucker – what a surprise – in their collection, I was equally amazed by […]

GNYR’s Pin Night 2021

55 Years — 1966 George Miller 50 Years — 1971 – None 45 Years — 1976 Moose Duffy 40 Years — 1981 – None 35 Years — 1986 – None 30 Years — 1991 Sal Grenci 25 Years — 1996 Joseph Barnes Jerry Beard 20 Years — 2001 Dom Scala John Matlach/Ann Robert Von Werne […]

2020 AACA Grand Nationals

by Meredith Jaffe Originally scheduled for July 23-25, 2020, the Grand Nationals were pushed back to August 21-22 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To make logistics even more convoluted, the site was changed from the NB Center for American Automotive Heritage in Allentown to historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, just one month prior to the event. Despite […]

1957 Ford Scale Models

By John S. Fackre I decided to feature 1957 Fords in this article for 2 reasons: First, Ford introduced two significant models for 1957, and that I have seven different models in my 1/25 [scale model] collection. The 1st model shown is the New Ranchero. A stylized pickup based on the two door wagon and […]

1925 Ford Model “T” “Fordor” Sedan

by Scott Gramlich It’s amazing how things stick with you over the years and how affected we are by early childhood experiences. My childhood was steeped in all things old. I learned a deep appreciation for history and was exposed to everything antique. So many of my early memories are of car shows and flea […]

The First Marketing Team for 1954

By Alan Blay The Greater Los Angeles California area was always big on roadsters. A dry climate on an ocean enables one to use an open car for many days out of the year. In 1911 Harley Earl at age 18 started designing cars in the Southern CA area for affluent people who wanted something […]

Z Scale Automobiles

by Meredith Jaffe Many car enthusiasts acquire models to enhance their hobby. Oftentimes, a favorite car is displayed in a 1:18, 1:24, 1:43, or 1:64 scale. It’s a great way to “acquire” the automobiles we remember fondly or would love to own. But, there’s more! Popular among a subset of model train enthusiasts, the Z […]

2019 Pin Night Awards

5 Year Pin (2014) Blech, Richard Guastella, Robert Kroplick, Howard Siben, Stephen 10 Year (2009) Aliffi, Carmine Baer, Robert Bruderman, John Jr. Bruderman, Mathew O’Conner, Jennifer Mican (Graney) Paroz Michel 15 Year (2004) Boylan, Chris Marut, Edward 20 Year (1999) Stanley, Creg 25 Year (1994) Giuliante, Leonard 30 Year (1989) Ragona, Bill Terrell, Alfred 35 […]

53rd Annual Spring Meet at Old Westbury Gardens Trophy Winners

CLASSIC: 1st – Meslo, Jim, 1932 Pierce Arrow 2nd – Palter, David, 1933 Auburn Speedster 3rd – D’Maritio, Dom, 1937 Cadillac AACA: 1st – Bonati, Rich, 1935 Cadillac 2nd – Husberger, Joe, 1946 Lincoln 3rd – Ballato, ?, 1969 Buick GS ANTIQUE: 1st – Sivillo, Frank, 1937 Buick 2nd – Rickenbaugh, Robert, 1928 Reo Wolverine […]