All Terrain 1918 Model T

It seems in 1906 Virgil White – a Ford dealer in Ossipee, New Hampshire – began converting cars to snowmobiles, initially using a Buick Model G. Then, Ford’s Model T started to take off in popularity, so he began manufacturing the conversion kits for the Model T. He received a patent for his Snowmobile design […]

ETHANOL by John Linhardt Since legislation of 2007, we have damaged our old cars. We get fewer “miles per gallon” than gasoline and since inception, the renewable standard in California alone cost residents an extra $13 billion at the pump. One study in 2009 concluded that plowing fields to grow corn for Ethanol releases more […]

Quad Headlights Were New Look On ’58 Cars BY ALAN BLAY AND REPRINTED FROM THE PUBLICATION “ON SOLID GROUND” BY KIND PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR Fifty years ago, the auto industry converted from a two-headlight system to four headlights with the introduction of the new 1958 models. The 1958 Corvette was restyled around a design […]

HOW SAFE IS YOUR STATE’S DRIVING By John Linhardt Car insurance is based on your state’s drivers. Florida drivers rank 4th worst in the nation. The farther south one drives, the worse the drivers get. The Northeast has the safest drivers with Rhode Island motorists deemed the safest in the nation. Florida drivers receive the […]

When Life Gives You Lemons… By Keith Gramlich Sunday, October 25 started out looking like a good day to stay in. That doesn’t sit well with those of us who planned to go to a car show. The Cradle of Aviation meet has become a “go to” meet for my family, as Jim Barnes and […]

Blackwall Tires

By Mike Sussman I was home recuperating from a killer cold. I watched a 1946 movie of Dick Tracy. Dick was tracking down Cue Ball. A big tough bald guy. His trade mark kills are strangulation with a leather hat band. Naturally there were many car scenes. Dick and Pat drove a 1937(?) Buick side […]

Alfa Romeo….They’re Baaack!

By Stuart Light This year’s New York Auto Show was one that I especially couldn’t wait to attend since it marked the return of Alfa Romeo to this side of the Atlantic Ocean with the 4C, the first regular production automobile to be sold here since 1995 and the first GT since the era of […]

Louis Krieger's 1903 Electrolette

The Same Last Name

By Art Krieger Far be it for me to crow about my illustrious ancestors. There’s enough to keep us amused for hours on those we know, without digging up (pardon the pun) those we may not be related to..But, when someone with the same last name has made a name for himself in the early […]

Docair in his 1980 Toyota Celica GT Liftback

1980 Toyota Celica GT Liftback

by Jerry Docair Malkes The Celica was the first Japanese model to claim the World Rally Championship crown. I was always in love with the styling of this Toyota from its conception in 1970 to its demise in 2005. The last car was produced at the end of April 2006 with seven variations or generations […]

1947 Harley motorcycle, California or Bust

Moving Right Along

By Art “Doc”Krieger I met my cousin Fred when my parents took me upstate to work on my Aunt and Uncle’s resort/farm during my high school summers. Fred, a couple of years older than I, had a half a barn full of motorcycles and parts, including a servi-cycle and side car After a busy day […]