By John Linhardt

Car insurance is based on your state’s drivers. Florida drivers rank 4th worst in the nation. The farther south one drives, the worse the drivers get. The Northeast has the safest drivers with Rhode Island motorists deemed the safest in the nation.

Florida drivers receive the most traffic citations of any state and in statistical research, are next to last in terms of careless drivers. Louisiana owns the dubious distinction of being #1 in the USA for bad drivers (49 fatalities per million miles driven). Florida scored 183 points which comes after Texas in 3rd place for worst drivers.

Five factors were used in this research, which was done at, a Seattle based online clearinghouse for information and rates. And you thought New York was bad. Accidents and bad drivers I observe here are not only the old retired folks. Motorcyclists are not required to wear a helmet in Florida, and also, there are no state car safety or emissions, so many cars are mechanically unsafe (i.e., tires, brakes, etc.).

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