And the winner is…Awards from the Old Westbury Gardens 2014 Spring Meet

Antique 1900 – 1936

1st Place 1910 Royal Touring, Evan Price
2nd Place 1912 Locomobile, John Dolan
3rd Place 1926 Stutz, Steve Gitterman


1st Place 1946 Lincoln, Mr. Hunsenburger
2nd Place 1930 Cadillac V16, Frank Ciardullo
3rd Place 1927 LaSalle, Mr. Micciche

Spotlight Car—-Station Wagon

1st Place 1956 Ford Country Squire, Allan Leon
2nd Place 1960 Buick, Rein Randmae
3rd Place 1946 Ford Woodie, Bob Nelson

1933 – 1940

1st Place 1937 Dodge, Art Catania
2nd Place 1939 Mecury, Dom Figurito
3rd Place 1940 Buick, Kurt Freudenberg

1941 – 1954

1st Place 1953 Buick, Gary Cioffo
2nd Place 1950 Ford Sedam
3rd Place 1951 Studebaker

1955 – 1957

1st Place 1957 Lincoln, Ron Starrantino
2nd Place 1956 Buick, Robert Culver
3rd Place 1955 Oldsmobile, Gerald Fine

1958 – 1961

1st Place 1958 Chrysler Winsor, Greg Weaver
2nd Place 1961 Ford, Charles Ullo
3rd Place 1958 Oldsmobile, Gerald Fine

1962 – 1964

1st Place 1963 Cadillac, Mr. Marino
2nd Place 1962 Oldsmobile, Vincent Carulli
3rd Place 1964 Buick, Paul Cioffi

1965 – 1967

1st Place 1967 Mercury, Steven Chernow
2nd Place 1967 Chevelle, Artie Starvos
3rd Place 1966 Pontiac GP, Chris Engle

1968 – 1970

1st Place 1970 Dodge Challenger, Robert Conca
2nd Place 1970 Dodge Charger, Alan Stewart
3rd Place 1970 Dodge Challenger, John Scalafani

1971 – 1989

1st Place 1971 Oldsmobile, Larry Chernow
2nd Place 1971 Oldsmobile, John Alossio
3rd Place (tie)
1971 Oldsmobile, Mecabe
1969 Pontiac TA, Mr. Shapiro

“TRI-5’s” and Mustang

1st Place 1957 Chevrolet, Roy Brinker
2nd Place 1968 Ford, Paul Rosina
3rd Place 1971 Ford, Jennifer Chernow

Foreign–Alfa Romeo

1st Place 1977 Alfa Romeo, James DiPetro
2nd Place 1970 Alfa Romeo, Victor Creami
3rd Place 1986 Alfa Romeo, John Catera


1st Place 1957 Thunderbird, Jim Meze
2nd Place 1957 Thunderbird, John Ogno
3rd Place 1955 Thunderbird, Patsy Scomello


1st Place 1969 Mercedes, Leonard Hummel
2nd Place 1980 Mercedes, John Anaischik
3rd Place 1972 DeTomso, Robert Levett

Corvette 1953-1962

1st Place 1967 Corvette, Earnest Delisle
2nd Place 1954 Corvette, William Schiech
3rd Place 1955 Corvette, Charles Hack


1st Place 1952 Jaguar, Bernard Hoffman
2nd Place 1971 Triumph, Bob Peglow
3rd Place 1960 MGA, Stewart Smith


1st Place 1935 Ford, Joseph Borgiorna
2nd Place 1957 Chevy 150, Richard Fusco
3rd Place 1934 Ford, Dennis Kusold

Model “A” Ford

1st Place 1931 Ford, Ronald Brusseau
2nd Place 1931 Ford, Gary Garrett
3rd Place 1929, James Sharkey

Day Of Show

1st Place 1953 Oldsmobile, Clyde White
2nd Place 1972 GMC, James Sommers
3rd Place 1966 Dodge, John Pinzin


1st Place 1938 Diamond “T” Oil, Paul Perillo
2nd Place 1947 American LaFrance, Great Neck FD
3rd Place 1948 Ward LaFrance, Manhasset-Lakeville FD

Memorial Awards

Joe Percoco Memorial Award – Best In Show – PreWar 1927 Stutz, Steve Gettemen
Carl Capasso Memorial Award – Best in Show – PostWar 1954 Corvette, Walter Schieck
Joe Kissick Memorial Award – Oldest Car 1910 White, Mr. Greco
Mike Murray Memorial Award — Best Orig. Classic 1933 Auburn, David Palter
Walter Beatty Memorial Award, Best Fire Engine 1928 American LaFrance, Floral Park F.D.
Hank Parent Memorial Award, Best Station Wagon – 1950 Ford Wagon, Steve Greenberg
Larry Horl Memorial Award, Best Post War Cadillac – 1953 Cadillac, Mike Accardi
Joe Macaluso Memorial Award, Best Orig. Packard – 1928 Packard, Mario Iaspario
Harold Padgett Memorial Award, Best Orphan Car – 1979 AMC Pacer Wagon, Carlyn Juliano
Joel Helfenbein Memorial Award, Best Model T – 1925 Ford, Scott Gramlich
Ray Rickenbaugh Memorial Award, Best Orig. PreWar – 1934 Buick, Lou Sasso
Ross Klein Memorial Award, Best Original Post War – 1960 Cadillac, Joe Mortelle
John Enright Memorial Award, Best Plymouth – 1949 Dodge, Frank Edibe

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