1936 Dodge Brothers 4 Four Door Touring Sedan

by Milan Sharik


1936 Dodge Brothers 4-Door Touring Sedan

This month’s Cover Car is a lovely 1936 Dodge Brothers 4 Door Touring Sedan. Milan bought acquired the car in about 1983 from a friend of his in the hobby. Milan’s friend had a Model A and Model T Ford and the Dodge. Milan had always admired the Dodge and mentioned to his friend that if the time ever came that he wanted to part with it, Milan wanted to be the first person considered. Not too long after, Milan was given the car. Milan mentioned, by the way, that it is proper to refer to the car, not as a Dodge, but Dodge Brothers, as that was the company logo from 1914 to 1938. It was mentioned that the

1936 Dodge Brothers 4-Door Touring Sedan Front

car’s 6 cylinder flathead engine was a huge hit, only being replaced for another huge hit, the famous “Slant Six” in about 1960. Upon acquiring the car, Milan, along with his wife Pat, just pretty much kept it going until about 2003, when he decided to enlist the talents of Charlie Salvato of the Gaslight Garage to restore it, and then had it painted by Ralph of Limo Tech, finally getting the car back around 2007.

The car was in the movie “Brighton Beach Memoirs” being filmed down around Seneca Avenue and Flushing Avenue. Milan said it was the best car show you could go to! It also featured vehicles from Gene McCoy and Jim Dulligan. Milan especially remembers Jim’s trucks down under the “El” The Dodge Brothers never gave Milan any trouble, save for the a little problem such as a coil wire coming loose on Sunrise Highway.

The car has won numerous prestigious awards in 2009 and 2012 at Old Westbury Gardens and also the John Enright Memorial Award for best “Mopar” Vehicle.

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