Bill 2080

2011-2012 Regular Sessions


January 13, 2011

Introduced by M. of A. REILICH, FINCH — read once and referred to the Committee on Transportation

AN ACT to amend the vehicle and traffic law, in relation to registration fees for historic vehicles


  • Section 1. Schedule G of subsivision 7 of section 401 of the vehicle
  • and traffic law, as amended by section 25 of part G of chapter 59 of the
  • to read as follows:
  • G. Schedule for historical motor vehicles. For each motor vehicle
  • which is owned and operated as an exhibition piece or collectors item,
  • and is used for participation in club activities, exhibit, tours
  • parades, occasional transportation and similar uses, but not used for
  • general daily transportation, [an annual fee of twenty eight dollars and
  • seventy-five cents] A ONE TIME FEE OF ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. For purposes
  • of this paragraph, a historical motor vehicle shall mean any vehicle
  • manufactured more than twenty-five years prior to the currrent calendar
  • year, and any other model, year and type vehicle which has unique char-
  • acteristics and which is determined by the commissioner to be of histor-
  • ical, classic or exhibition value. Registration plates for such vehi-
  • cles shall be of a type and design approved by the commissioner, but
  • shall be of a distinctive nature. Except that, with the approval of the
  • commissioner, an owner of any such vehicle may utilize registration
  • plates issued in the year corresponding to the model year date in which
  • the vehicle was manufactured, if the registration plate is legible
  • durable, and serviceable, of this state, and accurate in color, as
  • determined by the department. Nothing in this paragraph shall be
  • construed to prohibit the use of previously issued registration plates
  • that have been restored, without deviation from their original alphanu-
  • meric or pictorial content, to such condition as otherwise satisfies all
  • applicable requirements. Such plates shall be used only for the opera-

EXPLANATION–Matter in ITALICS (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
[ ] is old law to be omitted.

A. 2080

  • 1 tion of the motor vehicle listed on the registration application and on
  • other motor vehicles which would qualify for registration under this
  • schedule owned by persons other than the registrant for the purpose of
  • test driving by the registrant or his or her agent in anticipation of
  • possible purchase. No such registration will be issued unless evidence
  • of financial security, in a form prescribed by the commissioner, is
  • submitted which provides coverage for the motor vehicle listed on the
  • registration application and for non-owned motor vehicles being operated
  • with such plates.
  • S 2. This act shall take effect immediately.

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