GNYR’s July 4th 2012 Picnic

I awoke early with rain and thunderstorms threatening to ruin this club’s celebration at Greis park. Then lo and behold, like an inspiration, the sun arose at 9 AM. My sister, Hazel and I arrived at 10 AM and was warmly greeted by Carmine Aliffi and Paul Parnes. The caterer, Delicious Moments of Baldwin, NY, quickly started setting up the barbecue, meats, salads plates and utensils. One by one, our members and their families and friends arrived. Everything went perfect under Carmine’s watch. The food was out of this world, the weather was perfect (despite the high temperatures predicted). Our club crowd was in complete unison with each other. Many comments that I heard were directed to saying this was the club’s best Fourth of July Celebration. I totally agree.

Docair Jerry Malkes

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