Highlighting National Museums Collection

By C. A. Smith In October, Meredith and I had the opportunity to visit The National Museum – which includes vehicles from the early Harrah collection. While Meredith was drawn like Althea to honey to the Rust Heinz’s Phantom Corsair and Tucker – what a surprise – in their collection, I was equally amazed by […]

2019 Pin Night Awards

5 Year Pin (2014) Blech, Richard Guastella, Robert Kroplick, Howard Siben, Stephen 10 Year (2009) Aliffi, Carmine Baer, Robert Bruderman, John Jr. Bruderman, Mathew O’Conner, Jennifer Mican (Graney) Paroz Michel 15 Year (2004) Boylan, Chris Marut, Edward 20 Year (1999) Stanley, Creg 25 Year (1994) Giuliante, Leonard 30 Year (1989) Ragona, Bill Terrell, Alfred 35 […]

October Pavement Happenings

by Docair Jerry Malkes October is the wind-down month for car shows but it is also the wind up month for the amount of car events scheduled for that month. October 13 was no exception especially falling on the week the AACA Hershey show is scheduled.

A Great American Classic Car

by John Linhardt Only 51 of these fabulous cars were built. All are in museums or private collections. They made a movie about the creator of this car. As a teenager, he purchased cars out of junk yards, rebuilt them and resold them for a profit. He worked for Cadillac and Ford and was even […]

They Took Their Oldies To Brunch

As this was the last Brunch for the season on April 18th at the Silver Moon Diner on Hillside Avenue, Queens Village, the owner, Chris, suggested that those of us who bring their vintage cars for display will get a 10% discount. So as the day dawned bright and clear, I cranked up the ’28 […]