Louis Krieger's 1903 Electrolette

The Same Last Name

By Art Krieger Far be it for me to crow about my illustrious ancestors. There’s enough to keep us amused for hours on those we know, without digging up (pardon the pun) those we may not be related to..But, when someone with the same last name has made a name for himself in the early […]

The 2013 Mini-Model Antique Automobile Show

by Althea Travis The idea for a Mini-Model Antique Automobile Show was created in order to add a bit of joy and levity to an otherwise long winter away from our real love – our antique and classic cars. Another part of the planning was that members would get to share their car stories with […]

“Mini” and Smaller Size Cars

by John Linhardt Are “mini” and smaller size cars new to us? “mini” cars originally were introduced to save gas. The Nash “Metropolitan” produced in 1954 to 1955 and sister car #2 Metropolitan produced from 1954 to 1962, came in a hardtop and convertible. They had Nash Metropolitan labels, but were made by Austin in […]

Hydra-Matic Transmission

By John Linhardt On March 1st 1941, Cadillac announced the availability of the Hydra-Matic Transmission as an option on all series of their cars. The automatic was not a completely “new” thing that year, as a form of automatic had appeared on Oldsmobile in 1937 thru 1939 and Buick in 1938 on Series 40 only. […]

Roy Jaffee, GM Designer, at Our 6-7-12 Meeting

At the June meeting of the GNYR, GM Car Designer, Roy Jaffe, lectured about creating concepts for General Motors. He discussed how the development of these were sent up the ladder. How his educational aspirations were met and how his early childhood drawings destined him into becoming a contributor to the shape of automobiles. Various […]