The 1909 Alco Once Again on the LI Motor Parkway

On a beautiful Spring day – April 24th, 2016 – the GNYR held it’s first antique car show and flea market at a section of the Historic Long Island Motor Parkway, also known as the Vanderbilt Parkway, in Williston Park, NY. The event attracted a wide variety of cars and trucks, including the 1909 Alco […]

The 1909 ALCO Black Beast

The Feature Car Of The GNYR Motor Parkway Memories Meet by Keith Gramlich Those people who name their cars, usually do so affectionately. My parents have always done so with their cars, from “Miss Annabelle Lee” to “Daisy” to “Little Lady”. Even my Dad’s Lincoln Town Car is named “Abe”. We even hear the insurance […]

HOW SAFE IS YOUR STATE’S DRIVING By John Linhardt Car insurance is based on your state’s drivers. Florida drivers rank 4th worst in the nation. The farther south one drives, the worse the drivers get. The Northeast has the safest drivers with Rhode Island motorists deemed the safest in the nation. Florida drivers receive the […]

Remembering the Future – 75 Years Ago

Photos and text by GNYR Florida correspondent, Marty Goffe October 27, 2015 marked the 75th anniversary of the closing of the 1939-1940 New York World’s Fair held at Flushing Meadow Park in Queens, New York. The theme of this fair was “The World of Tomorrow.” For we antique / collectible car owners, this fair is […]

Honoring First Responders

Photos and text by GNYR Florida correspondent, Marty Goffe Sunday, October 11th, marked the seventh consecutive year of FIRST RESPONDERS RECOGNITION DAY held at West Palm Beach Fire Department Station 7. For this convergence of seven, the theme of the day was, ” The Seventh At Seven.” As usual, local car owners were invited to […]

Numbers Match?

by John Linhardt Longtime members like Rich DiFiglia and Ron Demeiri will tell you how many 20’s – 30’s cars were “altered” in later years, especially Cadillac and Packard. Suddenly a V-12 or V-16 came into existence from an 8 cylinder original factory delivered or body style changed. Now, in present day, the “latest” hoax. […]

When Life Gives You Lemons… By Keith Gramlich Sunday, October 25 started out looking like a good day to stay in. That doesn’t sit well with those of us who planned to go to a car show. The Cradle of Aviation meet has become a “go to” meet for my family, as Jim Barnes and […]

Spending A Day with Orphans

By Keith Gramlich September 13, 2013 was a day for car shows. Jerry “DocAir” Malkes mentioned some 9 shows that day. One of them was a rain date show that I always miss in June. The Long Island Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club Orphan Car Show. This meet, normally held around the 22nd of […]

YOUR BATTERY By John Linhardt Step #1, Only use “Distilled” water in your car battery to extend life. #2, buy a genuine “battery tender” for your old car. It stays on 24 hours, 7 days a week, charging only when needed. Florida heat is rough on batteries and last longer up in the northern climate.. […]

North Hempstead Beach Park 2015

By Jerry Malkes Brave souls endured summer’s heat to come to this delightful car show on August 24th at the former Bar Beach. We were well received and served food with a “run of the house.” There were many vendors and interesting items to view and purchase. Paul Parnes who always annually organizes this show […]