2019 Pin Night Awards

5 Year Pin (2014) Blech, Richard Guastella, Robert Kroplick, Howard Siben, Stephen 10 Year (2009) Aliffi, Carmine Baer, Robert Bruderman, John Jr. Bruderman, Mathew O’Conner, Jennifer Mican (Graney) Paroz Michel 15 Year (2004) Boylan, Chris Marut, Edward 20 Year (1999) Stanley, Creg 25 Year (1994) Giuliante, Leonard 30 Year (1989) Ragona, Bill Terrell, Alfred 35 […]

53rd Annual Spring Meet at Old Westbury Gardens Trophy Winners

CLASSIC: 1st – Meslo, Jim, 1932 Pierce Arrow 2nd – Palter, David, 1933 Auburn Speedster 3rd – D’Maritio, Dom, 1937 Cadillac AACA: 1st – Bonati, Rich, 1935 Cadillac 2nd – Husberger, Joe, 1946 Lincoln 3rd – Ballato, ?, 1969 Buick GS ANTIQUE: 1st – Sivillo, Frank, 1937 Buick 2nd – Rickenbaugh, Robert, 1928 Reo Wolverine […]

All Terrain 1918 Model T

It seems in 1906 Virgil White – a Ford dealer in Ossipee, New Hampshire – began converting cars to snowmobiles, initially using a Buick Model G. Then, Ford’s Model T started to take off in popularity, so he began manufacturing the conversion kits for the Model T. He received a patent for his Snowmobile design […]

ETHANOL by John Linhardt Since legislation of 2007, we have damaged our old cars. We get fewer “miles per gallon” than gasoline and since inception, the renewable standard in California alone cost residents an extra $13 billion at the pump. One study in 2009 concluded that plowing fields to grow corn for Ethanol releases more […]

Quad Headlights Were New Look On ’58 Cars BY ALAN BLAY AND REPRINTED FROM THE PUBLICATION “ON SOLID GROUND” BY KIND PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR Fifty years ago, the auto industry converted from a two-headlight system to four headlights with the introduction of the new 1958 models. The 1958 Corvette was restyled around a design […]

2017 Spring Meet Memorial Awards

The winners of the GNYR’s Memorial Awards for the 2017 Spring Meet at Old Westbury Garden are: Best of Show Post War – Joe Hunsberger – 1946 Lincoln Best of Show Pre War – Richard Benati – 1941 Packard Wanda Lyttle Longest Distance – Richard Kulzer – 1948 Plymouth Joe Kissick Oldest Car – Sam […]

The 51st Annual Old Westbury Gardens Spring Meet Class Awards

Antiques: 1st – Greco, Sam – 1903 Oldsmobile 2nd – Eduabsky, Ad – 1925 T Depot 3rd – Gunst, Wayne – 1928 Studebaker Classic: 1st – Bonati, Richard – 1941 Packard 180 Limo 2nd – Noens, Jean-Paul – 1933 La Salle Convertible Cpe 3rd – Ciardullo, Frank – 1930 Cadillac V-16 Town Sedan Spotlight: 1st […]

Help Our Veterans

The American Legion Hall, Post #144’s Memorial Day Parade at 730 Willis Ave. Williston Park, NY, needs cars for Veterans to ride in. If you can, please RSVP via email by May 20, 2017. Your response will be forwarded to the person making this request.

The 50th Annual Old Westbury Gardens Spring Meet Class Awards

Antiques: 1st – Greco, Sam – 1903 Oldsmobile 2nd – Rickenbaugh, Robert – 1928 REO 3rd – Greco, Sam – 1902 Oldsmobile Classic: 1st – Hunsberger, Joe – 1946 Lincoln 2nd – Barnes, Jim – 1939 Cadillac 3rd – Palter, David – 1933 Auburn Spotlight: No Data 1935 – 1941: 1st – Jacobs, Wade – […]