GNYR’s September 2017 Meeting Presentation

Doug Bassemir at the GNYR's Sept 2017 meeting

Doug Bassemir at the GNYR’s Sept. 2017 meeting.

Althea Travis arranged for us to have a wonderful guest, Mr. Doug Bassemir. Doug recreated a cross country trip that his grandfather took 100 years ago in a 1917 Maxwell. His grandfather worked for Maxwell at the time and thought so highly of the product, he bought one and made the trip. Doug became highly interested in this and decided to purchase a 1917 Maxwell identical to his Grand- fathers and over the course of 2 some weeks, made it to California with his partner Rich Doug told about the experience in re-creating this trip. It gave Doug a newfound respect for his grandfather’s trip 100 years ago. Having done it with all of the luxuries of modern day navigation and transportation certainly made Doug’s trip a lot easier than his grandfather’s trip!

Be sure to attend your monthly meetings as Althea plans some incredible guest speakers and has more lined up for the future!

For more information, visit – 1916 Transcontinental Road Trip

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  1. I just restored a black 1948 Buick Super with AACA New York stickers. I’d love to learn its history and communicate with its previous owner(s). I’m originally from Hempstead and now live in Virginia.

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