The GNYR Gets “Pumped” for August Pre-Meeting Show and Tell!

by Keith Gramlich


An array of Gasoline Pumps at the GNYR’s Aug. 7th 2014 meeting at the American Legion Hall, Malverne, NY.

Before our last meeting on August 7th , attending “early birds” were treated to a bit of “Petrol-iana”, as Rich and Trish Poggio from Miller Place, NY brought a number of their beautifully restored vintage gas pumps, oil pumps, map holders and other items normally found in a gas station before I was born, and when attendants actually wore uniforms, to our meeting.

Set up in the parking lot of the Malverne American Legion Hall, Rich went into a detailed seminar about his collection, with topics ranging from his displayed pieces, to how any of us could get involved in the hobby. Rich, a retired school teacher, talked about the different types of pumps and that the globes on top can be either all glass or glass faces in a plastic surround. You can even get matching oil pumps and cans for your gas pump. Rich’s oldest pump dated from the 1930’s, and your can get many reproduction parts for these pumps from companies, such as Vic’s 66 and Chuck Wergel, who you can usually find at Hershey.

Unfortunately, as with cars, TV has given a very false impression of the actual worth of these items, and pumps can be had fully restored from about $2,500. Usually the pumping mechanisms are removed from the pump, which still leaves the restored pump at a whopping 300 pounds.

A mountain of thanks to Rich and his patient and loving wife, Trish, for bring out many of his pumps, oil cans, map holders and other items for all of us to enjoy. Big thanks also to Althea Travis for arranging this very informative seminar and amazing “mobile museum” for us to enjoy!

If you are not attending these special meetings and events that Althea and Neal Deleo are arranging, you are not fully enjoying the many benefits of membership in the GNYR!

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