Sagamore Hill News

by Artie Finnegan


1935 Dodge Station Wagon


Antique cars at the 2014 Sagamore Hill Show.

This past Sunday, Sept. 7th, the antique autos ascended the famous Sagamore Hill. This show was presented by the LISR/CCCA. It is for pre-1949 autos only and they come out of the woodwork. I have been attending this show for over 30 years. I would go to the Ridgefield, CT. show on Saturday, and on Sunday the Sagamore Hill Show. Now the Ridgefield show has been moved and too fat to travel in the old car.

Each year there seems to be a few more barn finds attending. The car that caught my eye was a fantastic 1935 Dodge Station Wagon, with a Cantrel body which was manufactured in Huntington N.Y. This wood was in fantastic condition and unrestored although the mechanicals were restored and chassis clean etc. What a CAR!!!.

The drive there on a Sunday morning is as old Long Island was in the 1930’s. Beautiful trees, horses, even a dead skunk (roadkill). No takers on this however. There is always the question did you make the hill in high gear? This year the Model A did make it in high gear, last year Bob Valentines Huppomobile made it in high, and I had to downshift. ( A little embarrassing for my Ford to be upstaged by the Hupp.) Unfortunately this year Bob’s Hupp had a hissi fit and did not make the hill.

There were quite a few nice unrestored older cars in attendance and some excellent classics worthy of the North Shore also. The GNYR had quite a few older cars there also, and many GNYR members even came modern just to hang out and picnic, talking old cars.

The Long Island Sound Region CCCA runs this event as the Horseless Carriage Club had to give it up. We thank them for keeping it going. This year there were well over 45 cars, and the spectators were parked overflow on the grass. The U.S. Park rangers were scratching their heads with the overflow. (U.S. government employees working?) But this was a fantastic day for all and many GNYR members enjoyed the day.

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