The GNYR Went to the Bayport Aerodrome

by Artie Finnegan


The 1905 REO One-Cylinder

The Greater New York Region attended a very interesting meet at the Bayport Aerodrome on Sunday July 27 TH … GNYR member Bill Clifford had his Brunner-Winkle Bi-plane out on the taxi way, and was puttering around the hanger area in his 1905 Reo one cylinder.

The Brunner Winkle-Bi-Plane

In addition we had 25 GNYR members in attendance and about forty members of the Model A Ford club with about 20 Model A’s at the event.

The weather was very good considering the weather forecast, 50% sun and clouds no rain and a stiff breeze. It was a little too breezy for Bill to take his Brunner-Winkle up however. We all brought our picnic lunch and enjoyed the shaded picnic tables in the rear of the field.

We must thank the Early Flyers club for their hospitality, as we immensely enjoyed the nostalgic antique aircraft and the many treasured associated period antiques on view also.

GNYR member attending were: Bill Clifford, Althea Travis, Frank DiCandia, Artie Finnegan, Bob & Ruth Valentine, Robert Bear, Joel Adelstein, Gene & Bertha Kennedy, John Cunnane, Bob Gunther, Dennis & Rita Finnegan, and a few others whom I probably omitted. The Model A club had about 20 cars and 40-50 Model A members also. It was a most enjoyable day and although the weather forecast was not the best. They were wrong as usual. With no rain, comfortable breeze, and sun & clouds with temperatures around 78 deg. Not too bad for July 27. Anyone who missed it missed a extremely enjoyable day. We must thank Althea Travis, and Bill Clifford for their planning this event.

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