“The Last Time”

by Stuart Light

Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider

Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider

I always enjoy the early morning drive to the annual Queens County Farmhouse Meet. Like many years in the past it was a little nippy when I put the top down on my Alfa Romeo Guilia Spider and drove out if the driveway at 7:15AM towards the Little Neck, location of the only remaining “working” farm in Queens County. My favorite part of the 15 minute trip was driving at “highway” speeds northbound on the Cross Island Parkway, going under the overpasses and listening to the echo of the engine. Yep….Italian engines have a unique sound.

I was early but far from the first to arrive. Since this is the last car show to be held at this location I took a quick photo of my Alfa Romeo in front of the farm house (circa 1772). I then proceeded ti the entry point of the car show and paid $5 entry fee to Tom Vitale before placing my car onto the grass field. Fortunately coffee was ready…a hit cup and a doughnut got me warmed up after a chilly ride in a 51 year old convertible that doesn’t have a heater vent for the driver.

One of the fun parts of this car show is the wide variety of automobiles. Something for everybody. Lots of Ford Model “T”s & “A”s, Corvairs, Pontiac GTOs, Austin Healeys, T- Birds, pickup trucks, Corvettes, muscle cars, everything from A (Alfa Romeo) to V (Volvo). This year, the 36th annual show had 130+ cars in attendance…not as many as a few other years but then again there were 5 or 6 other car shows also taking place on Long Island. Those who attend this show every year do so out of loyalty to the Greater NY Region/AACA and because this is just a “fun event”. It’s not just the wide variety of classic & collector cars that makes for a fun event…it’s also the people. It seems that almost everybody who attends this show enjoy being with each other….no snobbery…no attitudes….just people who enjoy talking to each other and watching the cars coming through the gate and onto the field.

Then there’s the flea market. Everything from antique car parts to posters to gadgets…well you get the idea. No there isn’t usually anything for an Alfa Romeo owner but then again there never usually is (lol). I’ve seen a old car guys finding very useful tools which they quickly placed into their car…sometimes because they don’t need the wife to see what they just purchased (lol).

Late in the morning lunch arrived in the way of several 6 foot heros: Italian, American and Veggie. After a morning assisting in placing cars onto the field a couple of pieces of the Italian hero (what else would I eat (lol)?) and a soda hit the spot, then it was onto the field. I wanted to stay longer but by about 2PM it was time to pack up and head back to the south shore. Like most of us in attendance, I’m gonna miss the annual Farmhouse Meet. None of us could figure why the local government after sooo many years would put an end to a much beloved car show.

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