Judging Seminar

By Artie Finnegan

On Saturday May 10,2014 the GNYR had their judging seminar at Westbury Gardens. The weather is very critical as to how this event comes off. Let me run a sample by you all.

First I mailed 150 letters to previous judges whom have helped in the past. Then Mike had to make arrangements with Westbury Gardens to use their field. As it turned out they had 800 walkers/runners there that day for a Ronald McDonald House benefit walk. Then there was mother nature. After 6 inches of rain the previous week and drizzle all this week the forecast was foggy to say the least. Thank the Lord the weather cleared up at 10AM and the sun came out. Remember, we ordered food for the judges because if they are willing to come out and help our club, the least we can do is show them an inviting time. The judges are mostly from other clubs, as all our hands are on deck with other duties that day. (Our members are parking, doing registration, setting up the trophies, and in general just trying to make it a nice day for all the car owners, and spectators). I must get 75 judges mustered, and on the field with assigned duties etc. and then have a spectator ask me where “Joe Blow” is parked!!!!.

We had about 25 judges in attendance and a very informative discussion on judging and the proper procedures to use. Also for the judge to talk to the owner about his beautiful (rust bucket) automobile they have. Protocol is always proper.

Paul had ordered the HEROS, and Pete Acadia delivered them at Noon. We all “chowed down” and hand an enjoyable lunch. I thank all who took the time to attend and help the GNYR.

Thanks Artie Finnegan, Chief Judge and Mike Sussman, President/Meet Chairman.

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