1910 Baker Electric

2014 Garden City Parade

by Jerry Malkes

On April 20, I went to an automobile show. No, this wasn’t the one in New York City. This was the annual show and parade in Garden City. I would say they had about 600 automobiles ranging from Model T’s, electric vehicles cars dating from 1902 to 2013, a 1910 Baker Electric and a White.

I saw so many friends from various clubs including our very own GNYR. President Mike Sussman and Vice-President Paul Parnes were there handing out leaflets for our upcoming shows. Many of the attendees were in costume depicting the era of their respected vehicles.

My sister, Hazel, accompanied me and she also was amazed at the various show cars. Food vendors were also there for refreshments. I was so glad, that even though the weather was a little chilly, showcar season has officially begun.

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