Hershey Report – 2013

By Artie Finnegan

Words can’t describe Hershey: If you think it’s candy. It probably is (as long as it has four wheels and is real greasy, or over shiny take your choice). The other thing about Hershey is the weather; it can be picture perfect, windy, cold, damp, wet and wetter. Other than the year the National Guard was called to pull cars out of the mud, this is a close second. Only 9 inches of rain fell between Thursday and Saturday morning.

On Wednesday the vendors were about ¾ present and the weather was cloudy but comfortable. Wednesday is always more comfortable as there are not the crowds that arrive Friday, and Saturday. I walked for 5 hours and enjoyed every minute of looking at stuff. I must admit that for myself I have to stick with small stuff, as my garage is quite full of large stuff. I did find a nice genuine Model A Ford Boyce moto-meter for $10. That made my day and I forgot about the impending rain. It’s got the mercury separated but I think it will come down with spinning on a centrifuge. But that’s a winter play toy.

My other item on my bucket list for Hershey was to get to Jim & Rosemary Graney’s flea spot for some good jokes, and to give them their 50 year pins. Lucky I did find them and gave them their pins. The other item was to meet club member Jim Costa to give him his 25-year pin, as he has recently moved to Penn.
and was working the National AACA Membership tent. I had planned on meeting him at 2 PM at that location, but the weather was not looking good. Giving him a cell phone call, (yes, Artie is wireless) we were only a few rows away. As I approached the AACA area Jim was talking to Tom Cox AACA president.

After he introduced me we talked AACA for a while, then I mentioned I had the 25-year pin for Jim. Tom Cox offered to present the pin, and we got some photos also. What an honor be a GNYR membership secretary and meet all the other car buffs. In addition I was talking with the national newsletter director, and he noticed my GNYR jacket. Immediately he requested that I tell Keith Gramlich what an excellent publication we have, and that it’s on his top must reading lists each month.

To mention some of our members whom I brushed into before the rain were numerous and better to not list them as I am sure to miss one or two etc. But to bump into members from other local clubs is always a typical antique car experience.

The Red field behind the old stadium had a large quantity of early Ford parts, Model T, A, and even prior 1910 ford parts, and prices were reasonable. Anything I haggled with the vendor usually worked with me as once the cloud let loose, he would be taking it home. Creg Stanley was on the Red Field also, however he was extremely busy with customers and brake parts, and wearing our GNYR shirt, so I did not interrupt his sales.

The car coral was extensive, with some real good buys, and some not so real good buys, if you know what I mean. Buyer beware, but the cars are there for the picking. I always view these autos as you can see the quality restorations, quickie paint jobs, and even many barn finds also.

So summing up Hershey, the weather was 70% Wed, 50% Thur, %0 Fri. and Saturday it was clearing up. But mentally anyone felt 100%, and 50 years younger, and a lot lighter in the wallet. That’s not too bad.

Enjoy Hershey 2014.

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