March 2013 Pavement Happenings

by Docair Jerry Malkes

Just attended the February Greater New York Region meeting last night and there is so much going on. First I applaud the efforts that Artie Finnegan is accomplishing. There is so much paperwork in satisfying the AACA requirements that one has to understand. Being the Head Judge at our Old Westbury show and developing the official roster are very monumental jobs and especially on a voluntary basis. Artie, a great job and well appreciated. Also the work that Althea Travis and Neal Deleo in organizing lecturers and setting up worthwhile educational tools for the club is a demanding and time consuming errand…Thank you so much.

I was extremely sad to hear the news about some fellow GNYR members. Terrible tidings about Jim Dulligan’s hit and run accident. Talking to Bob Colligan’s wife about his condition brings me the vulnerability of the everyday man. To all these and all members, I wish only happiness and health.

The question of the One Time Historical Vehicle Registration Bill NO. SB1899 brings up the question of why such a great bill takes so long to get passed. For a long time I have questioned this and the politics of politics. Even bringing in our historic vehicles for a yearly inspection in New York, in my opinion, doesn’t make sense. I drive maybe 300 miles a year and even the inspection station’s computer questions that. Most of our vehicles don’t know how to be driven or even started by the mechanic. Pity the collector who even has to pay for these services when he has even less mileage and the mechanic doesn’t even know how to drive a stick shift.

We were treated to a fine lecture by Chris Vanderberg from Haggerty Insurance Company. He talked about the founding of Haggerty and its developmental programs. Haggerty encourages great communications between the car owners and the company. He explained about payouts and especially concerned about the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy.

I was very touched by the one minute of silence for our Honorary Member Tony Mattace. I have known Tony through the club for many years. he was from the “Old School”. He had to have his way and wanted everyone to know about his way. That was his character and Tony was a character. Mattace did much for the club and was always around for the chow portion of the club’s events. He set up different programs in the early days of the club, and in later years, his daughter Margarite was at his side. Margarite always helped out giving out food at our events. He cherished all his cars, especially his Nash and Ford Mustang. God Bless you, Tony, and hope you’re talking to Ford, Edsel, Chrysler and others up there and giving your opinions.

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