A Great American Classic Car

by John Linhardt

Only 51 of these fabulous cars were built. All are in museums or private collections. They made a movie about the creator of this car.

As a teenager, he purchased cars out of junk yards, rebuilt them and resold them for a profit. He worked for Cadillac and Ford and was even a “cop” in Lincoln Park, Michigan. He then attended an automotive technical school and then became a car saleman, but his idea was to build a new kind of car, which he did in 1946. In 1947 it came out. He had a make shift assembly line, but a great car was product of it.

Yes, the man was Preston Tucker. The car had all new safety features – seat belts, disc brakes, and a third headlight that would swivel as the driver turned the wheel. The car had an aluminum engine, and in the rear, like Porsche and Volkswagon, had independent suspension. Finances and Government intervention, plus “Big 3” pressures forced a “Stop” in production, laying off 1600 workers. Credit dried up and his stock plunged. He had to dissolve the company after only 51 cars were built.

Preston Tucker moved in 1951 to Brazil, where a new car was started and funds were in the way. However, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He died in the small town in Michigan he was born in. Tucker cars will never be forgotten!!

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